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LITTLE CREEPING THINGS was definitely a engrossing read, as I finished it pretty quickly. Here, we have Cassidy, who has been teased and bullied for much of her life by the people in town, who call her fire girl. She was caught in a fire when she was little with a friend, and the other girl died. Her memories of it are really nightmares, and she does not know exactly what happened. However, she takes the blame for it, as the town believes she is a pyromaniac.

She luckily has her BFF, Gideon, who she also has a huge crush on, but they are just friends. However, when she and Gideon seem to be witness to crime that also seems linked to her, her lies and secrets push her BFF away. Cassidy wants to figure out who did it, and she has a bunch of guesses.

Cass was pretty selfish the whole way through, and an unreliable narrator, as she seems to have PTSD, including hallucinations from the fire in her childhood. I wanted someone to take her to the therapist and try to stop the bullying, because that is a lot to deal with. However, Cass is herself also a bully to some, and the lines between her friends and enemies seemed really frequently blurred. In terms of who did it, the answer was not hard to figure out (I had it in mind from early on). I would have liked some bigger twists, and Cass does have a lot of (wrong) guesses throughout that she is not shy about throwing around.

Regardless, I found it to be a pretty engaging read, and it was one that I wanted to follow. The ending felt really rushed, but the lead up was solid and enough to keep you hanging in the story. Recommend for those who like YA thrillers/suspense.
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