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GOTHAM HIGH features the Joker, Catwoman, and Batman before they grew into their names. In high school, they're simply Selena, Bruce, and Jack. Bruce and Selena were childhood friends, but after his parents die, he moves away to Hong Kong. While he's away, time passes and Selena's new bestie is Jack. He's ready to help her with anything she needs, but he's from the poor side of town so feels like he doesn't have much to offer her.

When Bruce returns to Gotham, he isn't sure what to expect but he's surprised when he sees Selena again. He barely recognizes her as the little girl who lives next door. Selena isn't the same girl he once knew either. She may not show it on the outside, but her home life isn't the best. Her dad has a severe case of Alzheimer's and they don't have any money because Selena can't access her trust fund until she's 21.

There's always something going down in Gotham and this time, someone's kidnapping rich kids and holding them hostage for ransom money. The police aren't doing much to solve the crimes, so Bruce decides it's up to him. While getting closer to Selena and Jack, he can't help but think there's more going on than what his eyes can see.

GOTHAM HIGH is a story of villains and heroes, of love and betrayal, of loss and riches. Fans of the characters of Gotham City won't want to miss this one because it gives us insight on what our favorite people might've been like as teenagers. We also see Harvey and Ivy make an appearance which I love. I also really like the diversity that Melissa de la Cruz gives us.

Final Verdict: I recommend this to fans of graphic novels, superheroes and villains, the Gotham universe, stories of betrayal, diverse characters, and strong female leads since Selena is the narrator of the story.
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