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GOTHAM HIGH is a comic book that follows the iconic Batman-related characters as they were before they were famous/infamous. Bruce Wayne has returned from the private boarding school where his Uncle Alfred had sent him, and is now living at Wayne Manor with Alfred and Alfred's husband. Bruce is attending the public high school with Selena, the neighboring girl he loved as a boy. They are grown up now, and the time apart has not really changed the way they feel.

Selena's father has early-onset Alzheimer's with more bad days than good. She cannot afford to keep the home nurse he has at the end of the year. She has a trust left by her mother, but she cannot access it until she is 21- which is several years away. In the book, we also meet Harvey, Jack, and Ivy, though their stories are not as fleshed out.

Bruce finds himself poisoned and Harvey kidnapped seemingly randomly, though it is not clear who the actual target was- as he investigates, he finds himself tangled into something dangerous.

I really liked that Bruce was half-Asian and that Alfred was his Asian uncle who was also gay. The illustrations here are really fantastic and portray the story really well. It also speaks to problems around wealth disparity and healthcare, which add an interesting element. I liked the romance that pops up, and I think this could be a really interesting series.

Overall, GOTHAM HIGH is an interesting new series that shows the "before" of the iconic characters in a fresh new way.
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