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MOST LIKELY is a fantastic YA contemporary about friendship. The book starts with a woman becoming president and reflecting back on her critical friendships before going back into her senior year of high school (in the present). We don't know which one it will be, but Ava, CJ, Jordan, and Martha have been friends since before they started kindergarten, and it's a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Ava was adopted as an infant and is being raised by a single mother, who is also a high powered lawyer. She is a gifted artist, and she is considering following that dream into RISD, but she also knows her mother wishes she would choose a different path. CJ (Clarke) was an unexpected last daughter in a big family who is named after her father. She has a dream for college that she might not attain due to trouble with taking SATs. She is volunteering at a children's sports group, where she hopes to make a difference. Jordan is an aspiring journalist who writes for the high school newspaper. When a beloved public park might get shut down in favor of a high rise, she decides to take on the case, pretending to be an adult journalist so she can be taken seriously as she investigates potential interests of the congressman involved. Martha lives with her father after her parents' divorce. Her father struggles with debt and money, which Martha knows about, even if he tries his best to take care of her. She is worried about how she could afford college and also whether she might actually like girls.

What I loved: This book is really heartfelt and easy to follow. It also tackles some big issues in a really approachable and understandable way. For instance, one of the girls has depression, and there is a lot of great messaging about how it feels and the way other people can/should react. Another is figuring out her sexuality in a way that feels very natural and the way that her friends/father handle this information is really lovely. There are also some interesting messages about parents and money problems and how these can all play out. There are also some great themes about disabilities and how to navigate talking about and considering people who have disabilities.

This book is full of love (of friends mainly, though some romantic plots also). It is really an uplifting and beautiful story that will speak to young adult readers well.

Final verdict: MOST LIKELY is a beautiful story of friendship that also contains some bigger themes handled with care and love. There are a lot of really fantastic messages to take away from this YA contemporary, and I would highly recommend for people who love heartfelt and genuine reads.
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