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THE SHADOWS BETWEEN US is the highly devourable YA fantasy I have been searching for! This is an enthralling story with fantastic character building that will keep you up at night saying "just one more chapter." Alessandra is a second daughter in a kingdom where women have little rights- and thus little value except for their potential bride price. She was sheltered, as is essentially legally mandated, since she cannot go in public until her older sister is wed.

Alessandra found out the hard way that love is tough, when the boy she gave her heart and body to unceremoniously dumped her for someone else. Alessandra learned to harden her heart, became sexually empowered, and now has a new goal- ruling the kingdom and creating her own rules. As such, she sets out to marry (and, soon after, kill) the Shadow King, so called for the shadows that swirl around him and give him some kind of magical ability.

However, the Shadow King is disinterested in the women who are frequently paraded in front of him. Alessandra knows how to get a man's attention, and she begins to do just that. However, Alessandra will learn more about herself and her desires in the process, much to her surprise.

This book has the perfect amount of intrigue, twists, and surprises to keep the reader completely hooked. I absolutely devoured this delicious read, which I loved from start to finish. Alessandra is a bit of a villain whom the reader can easily get behind; she's so persuasive that it is not hard to imagine why she has so many suitors. I loved her, the plot, the world-building, and all of it.

If you are in a reading slump or just looking for a unputdownable and completely enthralling YA fantasy, this book is an excellent choice. Highly recommend for anyone who enjoys fantasy, romance, villains, and delightfully twisty plots.
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