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‘First rule of storytelling,’ he says, a glint in his eyes.’ Everything is possible.’

Nell is still trying to recover from the loss of her mom when her dad moves her across the country. The move is for his new job in a historical hotel.
In 1907 Lea is being forced to marry a man she doesn’t love to improve her family’s circumstances.

I love me some historical fiction and some spooky stories. So when this novel was described as a cross between ‘Titanic’ and the ‘Shining’, I knew this story was for me.

The Winslow Hotel in this novel was a character in itself. It is so full of life and history while still being so very creepy. Having worked in the hotel industry I really loved some of the hotel lingo and inferences in the novel. This really made both Nell and Lea’s hotel stay seem so real.

I liked Lea’s perspective more than Nell’s. I felt there was more of a mystery there and that her story was more thought out and interesting. I did notice that her story was very similar to Rose’s from ‘Titanic’ though. Her story was nothing unique but it is one that I really loved.

I really liked Nell’s character and that of her dad. I felt for her and the loss of her mom and how that affected her life. I thought her story was different and yet similar to Lea’s. I loved Alec. He was super swoon worthy and definitely a book boyfriend for me.

I found the story to be more of a love story and less of a horror story which is fine with me, just not what I expected. I did feel that the end was some what of a let down. The middle of the story kind of dragged then the end wrapped up really quickly and anticlimactically.

I would compare the story to both ‘Titanic’ and ‘The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle’. It’s definitely not something you read in YA often. ‘Remember Me’, was just the right amount of creepy and scary with a dash of history.
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