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Birdie and Daniel has the most awkward first encounter. So when Birdie started her job in a historic hotel, she never thought she could see Daniel again. Birdie, being a mystery-aficionado that she is, could not say no to Daniel's adventure in solving a mystery right in the historic hotel that they work at. But being in Daniel's near proximity is not helping her concentrate in finding clues. and she's positive she can solve, right?

Jenn Bennett has done it again! I love how Jenn Bennet writes contemporary YA but it feels like there's a world building going on. The way she makes places that mean to the characters feels like they're real all along. The way she write the background stories of all her main characters is something worth diving in. It always amazes me how she makes the characters.They're are always unique, and I love that they have they're own aesthetic too.

Serious Moonlight is no different. Though Birdie is the main character and the narrator, I also have to give props on the love interest. Daniel is something else and I love how he is not your typical love interest. Time and time again, I always complain on YA romance love interests being too perfect and flawless. But Daniel is not one of them. He is very human in this book, yet you still want to root for him to be with Birdie.

I love that this book also talk about health, sex, different kinds of love, animal rights, and such. And though the mystery is low key on here, it was still fun to do a whodunit with Birdie.

This book was very impressive to me, and keep the Jenn Bennet books coming!
Good Points
~ feels like there's a world building
~ the characters and very unique
~ mystery
~ it's such an impressive book
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