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A beautiful and lush fantasy based on Bolivian culture
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Woven in Moonlight is a beautiful and lush fantasy, based on the culture and history of Bolivia. It is set in the fictional country of Inkasisa. Ximena is a stand in for the Condesa, the last remaining royal of the Illustrian people. Her people were driven from La Ciudad when Atoc, of the Llacsan people, usurped the throne using an ancient relic. The Illustrians live in isolation and poverty while the Llacsans rule Inkasisa. When Atoc demands that Catalina, the true Condesa, marry him, Ximena travels to La Ciudad in her place. Her plan is to act as a spy and retrieve Atoc's ancient deadly relic. Atoc is a cruel and dictatorial ruler, but Ximena comes to realize that not all Llacsan people are bad. She questions everything she has been told about who the true oppressors are, as the Illustrian people did not treat the Llacsans well when they were in power. She meets a kind princess, a vigilante, a healer, a guard and a maid, among others, and changes her views. The story is fast paced and the writing is beautiful. I really loved this book - great world building, fascinating magic (woven animals created from moonlight!), and wonderful descriptions of Bolivian food and clothing.
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