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WARDENS OF ETERNITY follows Ziva, a young woman who was abandoned as a toddler, became a ward of the state, and is now making her own way by working in a factory. Ziva carries magical powers that she does not fully understand, but she only uses them in self-defense. However, one day, a confrontation with some beasts leads to her learning that there are others like her- a group that she once belonged to with her parents.

As she travels with these new companions, she learns that there are much bigger forces at play- particularly those gods/goddesses of Ancient Egypt. Ziva has a destiny that must be fulfilled and she must learn quickly to protect herself and the people around her.

What I loved: This story is quite creative, and I loved the historical fantasy setting (set around 1938 and the beginnings of WWII) plus the other tidbits about life in the 30s/finding work, and racism. This seemed really unique from these perspectives, and some interesting discussions about racism and societal shifts around this add good perspectives to the book. For instance, the questions of where are you from, people with not-white skin being viewed as outsiders, and other similar things. These are discussed when they pop up, and I felt that this was handled in a way that can bring attention to these issues, which are still present today.

What left me wanting more: The fantasy part felt a little forced, and I understood Ziva's powers as well as she does at the start. Additionally, the book is in the first person perspective, but I did not feel that we really entered Ziva's mind. For the most part, the book could have been third person without any true insight or delving into her psyche. Conversation was often stilted and things happen very fast with slow pauses inbetween, making the pacing a little awkward. I also didn't fully understand why she is so quick to trust some and not others.

Final verdict: WARDENS OF ETERNITY shows a lot of potential with an interesting premise that would be interesting to continue. The historical setting is particularly well done, and Egyptian mythology was very well researched with lots for the readers to learn throughout. I would recommend for fans of Cassandra Clare's THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS.
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