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thrilling and satisfying conclusion to this mystery trilogy
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THE HAND ON THE WALL is a thrilling conclusion to the TRULY DEVIOUS series. Here, the students are at Ellingham, and Stevie is still solving the crimes of the 1930s, as well as the more recent seemingly-accidental deaths at the school. Stevie is watching David spiral downward, and sharing Janelle's excitement about her machine. However, things are changing once again, when there is an accident with Janelle's machine, and the professor Stevie was helping with her research on the Truly Devious case dies.

Time is ticking as the school is set to shut down and Stevie's time to solve the cases is running out. Bringing together all the events of the past books, this final story wraps up the plots perfectly. Johnson did some miraculous plotting to make it all come together just right in this thrilling conclusion. This book was certainly the fastest in terms of pacing, and it was just the right amount of suspense, glimpses into the past, and Stevie's mind to see how these crimes are solved.

This book was every bit as satisfying as I ever could have hoped. The characters are all eccentric but completely grow on you, and I loved seeing the end of their story. I certainly would not mind reading more books with Stevie- she's quite the tenacious investigator, and the way everything fits together is so clever. I do wish there had been either more connections with David or only friendship, as this seems to be an afterthought to the main plot (and romance was not necessary), but he fits into the plot in his own creative way.

Overall, this was an absolutely perfect finale to an engaging series. The questions we had have all been resolved, and it is quite satisfying.
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