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After killing a man in Paris, Celine is forced to flee to a different country and finds herself in New Orleans. Here, she takes refuge in a convent, but finds it tiresome to follow the rules. She feels as if there's something dark and rebellious within her and she refuses to sit still. However, this is her chance to make peace with the crime she's committed and to atone for it. Even though she's trying to make a better life for herself in New Orleans, everything changes when she meets Bastien.

She's instantly drawn to him, but she won't let herself act on her weakness. Instead, she meets his challenge with a challenge and his sharp words with even sharper words. Her fiery spirit catches Bastien's interest, but he's a powerful man. He's the leader of La Cour des Lions and Celine can't help but think that there isn't anything normal about the people who reside there. But Bastien has enemies, and soon, Celine realizes how dangerous his world can get when she finds herself a stalker that wants her dead.

THE BEAUTIFUL is an enchantingly written story with dark tinges at the edges. I love how much spirit Celine has, especially for the time period it's set in. Bastien is the mysterious bad boy that you can't help but fall for. I wish there was a larger presence of the vampires, but hopefully that'll come in the second one that I'm looking forward to reading!

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of vampires, paranormal, romance, and the culture of New Orleans.
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