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LOKI: WHERE MISCHIEF LIES tells a new story of teen Loki, before all the big battles and intergalactic feuds with Thor. Here, Loki is a young prankster with a great gift of magic and eye for trouble. When a strange request for help comes from London, Loki is sent to investigate...and finds himself surrounded by darker trouble than he expected.

3 things I loved about WHERE MISCHIEF LIES:
1.) Fascinating but brief look at Asgard- Though most of the story is set on Earth, the glimpses of Asgard, home to Loki, Thor, and Odin, the chapters of Asgard are incredible, offering a closer look at the magical realm.
2.) Great character examination of Loki- Loki has one of the strongest personalities in the Marvel universe. Mastering his strange mixture of sarcasm, angst, and surprising sincerity is no easy feat. WHERE MISCHIEF LIES presents a teen Loki exactly how you would imagine, and it’s a joy to read.

3.) Nice introduction to some of the lesser known Marvel/Asgard characters- If your primary exposure to Loki is through the Marvel movies, you might not know much about the Enchantress. Going in, I knew a little about her, but not much. Mackenzie Lee fleshes our her character for those unfamiliar, and uses her as a perfect contract to Loki.

What left me wanting more:
Sadly, the brilliance of Asgard’s depiction didn’t carry over into the historical London setting. In some ways, it felt more like a repeat of Lee’s prior works than a new adventure. However, those who can’t get enough of Lee’s London should enjoy the chance to dive back in.

Overall, this is a fun addition to the Marvel universe, and Loki lovers will not be disappointed.
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