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If you adored FROZEN, you need to get your hands on this Twisted Tale which reimagines the story if Anna and Elsa did not know they were sisters. CONCEAL, DON'T FEEL follows Anna and Elsa in alternating perspectives, where Elsa grows up in the castle wishing she had siblings, and Anna grows up in a bakery making cookies with her adoptive parents.

After their parents die, Elsa starts to develop powers and hides away so that no one will know. Luckily, she accidentally creates Olaf, a snowman with a delightful personality who keeps her company. Olaf tells her that she had made him for Anna, and Elsa knows that Anna is important though she does not yet understand.

Anna dreams of going to Arendelle and working at a bakery there, even though she loves her parents a lot. Anna is hoping to attend the coronation of the new queen when the world turns to ice. As she sets off with Kristoff, a boy she has met who intrigues her, her world will change quite a bit, leading her back to the sister she has forgotten and putting her in the way of a curse which has been dormant for years.

The book flows beautifully and hits all the beloved characters from the books (and those less-adored like the duke of Weselton) perfectly. The story is again ultimately one of love and sisters, and I enjoyed this take. I would definitely recommend for fans of the movie, who will gush over meeting their favorite characters again and going a little deeper into their minds and actions. There are not a lot of surprises here, but mainly just some variations on events.

Although the book is billed as young adult, I think it could be well-suited to the middle grade audience also. Would highly recommend for fans of the movie.

CONCEAL, DON'T FEEL is an engrossing and delightful read that brings the reader deeper into Anna and Elsa's minds and hearts. With all the characters known and loved making appearances, this is a lovely read for FROZEN fans of any age.
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