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A CONSTELLATION OF ROSES is a beautiful story of familial love and healing. Trix has been trying to make her way on her own for the last six months since she ran away from a bad group home. Her mother is an addict who had been unreliable all Trix's life before eventually walking out and never coming back. Trix survives by stealing, something for which she has an uncanny ability. When she is found by the police and case worker, she is given an ultimatum- either be tried as an adult for theft or go live with a relative she has never heard of and graduate from high school.

Trix takes the deal, but everything in her still says to run. It turns out that the father she never met had a sister who also has a daughter, about her age. Trix is filled with questions, especially since it seems all the McCabe women have a special gift.

With a magical realism slant, this is a fantastic story about emotional healing and accepting love (from family). A few of the minor themes like depression/suicide add some strong messages that I appreciated being included. The characters are all so beautifully crafted, and I fell in love with all of them. Auntie was hilarious, Mia was so kind and amazing, Trix is incredible, and then there's Jasper and Ember and I just loved it all.

I highly recommend picking up this book- it's absolutely fantastic and so heartfelt. This was such a beautiful journey, and I really loved every second.
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