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GLOW OF THE FIREFLIES is a YA fantasy that follows a teenaged girl, Briony, who has no memories from before she was in a fire, the scars of which she still carries. She lives with her father since her mother walked out not long after her injury. She and her father have stayed away from the valley where they used to live, until now, when her grandmother has been injured and her father wants her to spend the summer helping to care for her.

When Briony returns, she has her BFF in tow. As she starts to look around, she realizes that the memories of her past were more complicated than she could have expected. Her mother also may not have left by choice, and she tells Briony how to set her free. Briony begins the process, accompanied by a friend from her childhood, Alder, who helps her to remember.

The book is fast-paced without a lot of details bogging it down. We learn everything relatively fast (though there are definitely some twists in store) and move through it relatively quickly. I found the world-building to be a little too fast for my taste and would have liked more reluctance/maybe to see more memories as they come back to her (flashbacks would have been cool). However, this does keep the pace quicker, so it has its own appeal. The romance is really well done and, in my opinion, the strongest part of the story. I really loved the way it came together.

This book was fairly light-hearted with plenty of humor mixed in with the serious fantasy. This air was great for the other world, fitting with it well and adding some whimsy. I would have liked to go a little deeper into it, and would definitely be up for a sequel. I liked the characters quite a bit (mainly Briony and Alder, as others are very secondary).

A strong romance and interesting plot keep this book moving fast, great for YA fantasy lovers looking for a light-hearted and quick read.
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