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beautiful, soul-touching collection
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WHEN YOU ASK ME WHERE I'M GOING is an absolutely gorgeous collection that reaches to touch the soul. In poems, prose, and drawings, Kaur evokes a multitude of emotions from laughter to tears in beautifully written and illustrated words. It is hard to do this collection justice, but I feel as though I have peeked inside someone personal journal and left feeling all new feelings and with such depth.

What I loved: Putting into words how much this collection made me feel is difficult. This book spoke to my soul, and there are so many beautiful poems and written pieces that are complimented by intriguing illustrations. The book covers a number of topics in ways that evoke emotion and thoughts. I really loved it, even when they were not comfortable. Through this book, there are many lessons about feminism and immigration that appeal and educate.

I would add warnings for mental illness, sexual assault, domestic abuse, and racism.

Final verdict: This gorgeous collection is one I would highly recommend in general, but especially if you want a deep exploration of life. This book feels like a delicious look into a personal journal, and it really pulls the readers in and connects with them and their emotions. Would recommend to older YA readers.
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