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A worthy read.

The Story:
Sloane is dealing with her sister's suicide when she finds a list her sister wrote. With no clue why she wrote it or what it means, Sloan knows she must find out. The secrets to her sister's suicide might be out in California, so she leaves her home and travels across the country in search of answers. Along the way, she finds not only secrets about her sister, but also about her mom - dead she since was little. With the help of a boy she's never met, she tracks down each item on the list.

What I liked:
The story says a lot of about grief, especially the grief belonging to those whose loved ones die by suicide. It has an amazing depth and Sloane is a great character you can't help but feel for. The writing is fantastic, with a style that sucks you and in won't let you go. When reading, it's easy to really feel all the emotions packed into these words.

What was just okay:
I wish there'd been more depth to the friendship she develops and also the relationship she begins with a family member she didn't know about. Characters other than Sloane were just kind of there in the book. I never felt like I truly knew the answers behind the list even in the end. I wanted more.

Final Verdict:
A heartfelt story of grief and a search for answers. It conquers some tough questions and starts good conversations. Books like this deserve to be read.
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