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T-MINUS is a fast-paced YA thriller that is billed as 24 for teens. Sophie Washington, the character from whose perspective we view the world, is the daughter of the first female POTUS. The book begins when she is woken at night for a security protocol due to a terrorist demand for her mother. Soon, she learns that it may be organized by people on the inside, and she is not safe with the special security guarding her. Furthermore, her brother is missing, and Sophie may be the only one who can find him.

Thanks to her TIA (teen CIA) training, she and her friends have all the abilities they need to dig deeper into the terrorist organization and hopefully save her family. Everything in the book happens very quickly as Sophie searches for her family and works with her friends to figure out who is behind it all.

The book will appeal to younger readers who will buy in to the TIA training of hotwiring cars and pretty much doing everything spies can do while also accepting the fast pace of uncovering clues and figuring everything out while also facing several characters' deaths. This is definitely a thriller with an overall very quick pace. The text is broken by italicized flashbacks that could mostly be skipped, as they do not add much and slow down the plot. Sophie's character is built through her actions and thoughts about other characters, though the flashbacks were attempting to connect more to her history.

In terms of the romance, it was a little rushed/very background, and I was not so into it, but it was also a very minor part of the plot so it didn't come across as unbelievable or instalove (they had a history which was mentioned a bit/in flashbacks).

The strongest parts of the book are the quick action, the overall mystery that needs solving, and the decisions Sophie must make as she navigates her new, scarier world. Sophie felt like a very believable character (even though with some maybe unbelievable training- though, I admit, I wish I could have been in the TIA!), and I was totally hooked in wanting to save her family and learn more about the terrorist organization/plots. I would recommend for people who like thrillers with a strong mystery.
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