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Making me smile all the way through, ANNOUNCING TROUBLE was a pure delight. Josie is almost eighteen with an enormous chip on her shoulder. After the way her baseball-obsessed father treated her and her mother, Josie has stayed away from baseball entirely. However, her BFF Mai is crushing on a guy from the team, and Josie ends up at a game. When one of the broadcasters makes another inaccurate statement, Josie heads up to the booth to tell him off, and she ends up getting offered his spot.

While initially reluctant to broadcast, Josie cannot help but be convinced by her soon-to-be co-broadcaster, Garrett. Garrett was a pitcher and had to stop playing due to an arm injury. Baseball was always his dream, but being close as a broadcaster is the next best thing- and he's good at it. With Josie on the team, they may have a shot at winning a contest that comes with money, entrance into a college program, and a slot broadcasting in the major leagues.

As they spend more time together, their snarky chemistry leaps off the page. Garrett and Josie are my new favorite couple. I love the way they work through their issues together and talk things through. Despite some misunderstandings, this adorable romantic comedy had me grinning from ear to ear from start to finish. Beyond the couple, there are some great messages about balancing your dreams with reality and finding yourself.

I am also thinking this could be the first in a series, and I would definitely be cheering for Mai to come up next- I would love to hear more from her genuine and charming self (as well as more tidbits about her parents).

Charming, delightful, and full of swoony romance, ANNOUNCING TROUBLE swept me off my feet. Josie + Garrett 4E! Highly recommend for anyone looking for snarky chemistry, unlikely couples, and delicious romantic comedies.
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