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MEET THE SKY is a beautiful story about loss, life, and love. Sophie lives with her mother and sister, who is still rehabilitating from a traumatic brain injury. Her father left shortly after her sister's injury, and so Sophie has really stepped up and tried to help her mother keep their family business of tourist horse rides and such going. She also tries to take care of some financial things- like her car repairs which are needed but waiting for her to get the funds.

When a hurricane is coming for the Outer Banks, they will need to evacuate. Sophie takes the truck which is need of repairs that her mother doesn't know about while her mother and sister take the other car and the horses. They are set to meet on the mainland. However, those car repairs were really needed- and Sophie ends up stranded with her former huge crush, Finn, who had also stood her up for a dance years ago.

As Sophie and Finn survive together and begin to talk, they discuss their grief and philosophies on how they choose to live their lives. With beautiful thoughts/conversations and a dangerous, survival situation, this book is absolutely captivating. I was completely caught up in Sophie's life and curious about Finn's. However, Sophie- as the main character- is definitely the stand-out, and I absolutely adored her.

Rising to the challenges, dealing with problems, and forging her own way, Sophie is a brave and strong character that you can easily love. As such, this book was just fantastic, and a really quick read. The writing flows perfectly and captures it all so well. While most of this is a character study, the added danger of surviving the hurricane gives it some extra suspense and just something extra. I highly recommend for anyone who loves contemporary YA.
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