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THE SPEED OF FALLING OBJECTS begins with a bang- Danny has been in a plane crash and is lost in the Amazon rain forest. Danny (Danger Danielle Warren) is about to turn 17 years old, and she lives with her mother who is a nurse. Her father is a famous TV reality show survivalist (survives with a guest star famous actor or actress in each episode), but he has not been around much- that hasn't stopped Danny from wishing she could know him better. When he calls and asks her to come with him to film one of his show's episodes, Danny is really excited.

Danny has wanted to go back to being fearless, but she lost an eye when she was younger in an accident (details not revealed until later in the book). Since then, she feels like her anxiety and her physical limitations have pushed her dad away, so she is excited to get to know him better and show how cool she is/can be- even if he thinks she is actually turning 16 and has not made much of an effort to know her before now.

However, the small plane they are taking out to the rain forest to film on location crashes. Danny will have to survive with her father, some of the crew, and the famous (and young and attractive) actor who had been planned to be a part of the episode. The journey through the rain forest is perilous and Danny will have to come to terms with who she is- and who her father actually is.

What I loved: The world and character-building are top-notch in this book! I was completely engrossed by Danny, her family, and the danger that surrounds the small group in the rain forest. I loved the build up through not only the survival but also to Danny's revelations about herself and her parents. The romance was a nice touch to add a little cherry on top of this delicious book sundae.

This book was unputdownable with a tension-filled storyline for both relationships and peril. I really adored so many of these characters with their flaws- they felt so three-dimensional. I am just gushing about this book, and I really loved it, and Danny. I only wish there was more, so I could stay in her world a little longer. I would warn you that there is character death in the book and plenty of suspense that comes with survival situations.

Final verdict: This engrossing YA story is a really beautiful story about embracing yourself, recognizing your own strength, and coming to terms with the past and your family. I highly recommend for anyone looking for an unputdownable YA contemporary with suspense and a touch of romance.
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