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engaging and thrilling conclusion to a wonderful fantasy duology
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VOW OF THIEVES is a thrilling end to a wonderful spin-off YA fantasy. Although a spin-off series from the Remnant Chronicles, this duology has a different feel and certainly stands on its own rights. We are also introduced to different parts of this world that give their own flavor to the book. In the first book, we were introduced to Kazimyrah (Kazi), a very talented thief who is also called Ten because she has never been caught and so has all ten fingers. She now works for the Vendan Queen and was sent on an assignment that forever changed her life in the first book.

Now, she is on her way back to Tor’s Watch in this sequel. Jase is the other main character, and we get his and Kazi’s points-of-view in alternating chapter. Jase is the Patrei of Tor’s watch, beloved by the people, he oversees the town and the popular trading market there. In the first book, we watched Kazi and Jase fall in love, while also surviving being captured in human trafficking. As they return to Tor’s Watch together, Kazi’s biggest fear is that Jase’s family who are very important to him, the Ballengers, will not accept her as his significant other.

Everything is about to head into further chaos and danger when they are attacked upon arrival. Separated, they must face separate battles for survival, not sure if the other has even survived but hoping against hope to be reunited.

What I loved: This book leaves off a lot of the world building from the first and so moves very quickly. With plotting, adventures/action, and intense battle sequences, this book will keep the reader turning pages until the satisfying ending. I still absolutely adore the romance in this duology, and while it takes a backseat in this sequel, it is strongly present. With fascinating riddles (Kazi is quite clever at creating these) and historical texts also appearing throughout, this book is fully developed and unbelievably engaging. Kazi is everything you could want in a heroine and then some, and Jase compliments her character perfectly. Even for readers who did not love the Remnant Chronicles, I would highly recommend trying this spin-off series- it has a different flavor, satisfying for people who loved the original series and different enough for fans of other types of fantasies.

Final verdict: Intense, thrilling, and clever, VOW OF THIEVES is a can’t miss book for fans of YA fantasy. I highly recommend reading this duology if you love slow-building romances, action/adventure, and clever plotting. Pearson does not disappoint with these incredible characters and fascinating world!
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