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THE DARK BENEATH THE ICE is a stunningly written YA horror that follows Marianne as she starts losing time, sees objects literally break around her, and more. This story asks questions like: what does it mean to be possessed, how much can you trust yourself, and what really is fear? What I most appreciate about THE DARK BENEATH THE ICE is how it handles mental health concerns. Too often, the 'losing my mind' trope veers into harmful ableist territory, but I felt Marianne's journey is a respectful balance of real world concerns and supernatural force.

I also love the slow burn f/f romance. Going in, I didn't know there would be any romance at all, and I was so pleased at how Marianne and Rhiannon develop organically and sweetly.

While I wouldn't have minded a few more scares, my favorite aspect of THE DARK BENEATH THE ICE is the lyrical writing. Bérubé has a way of drawing you in with a lovely flow to the sentences that still manage a sharp edge.

Overall, YA horror readers will love THE DARK BENEATH THE ICE for the twisted premise, side of romance, and solid opportunity for chills down the spine.
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