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All the Feels
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This book... there aren't enough positive words to say about it.

The story:
Moving is the worst, but when you're a high school farm girl leaving everything you knew behind, it's much worse. This is Tess' life. When her father re-enlists in the military, the family must move from their sheltered Iowa town to a more southern city that serves as a bit of a culture shock. The story winds through Tess' new beginning as she's torn between the boy she left behind and the new, exciting life she's facing with friends she never thought she'd have.

What I loved:
Everything. This book makes you think about so many things, covering a multitude of important topics. Interracial friendships, what it means to be in the minority and that it's okay to ask questions, the hard life of families with loved ones in the military. It also explores young love at a distance and loss. There were many times I found myself questioning things I'd thought I'd known. It's such an important book. There are so few of those. It isn't merely entertainment. This is the kind of book that should be required reading in schools. Maybe then, kids would have a better understanding of their differences.

What was just okay:
I don't have anything for this category. Everything was perfect.

Final Verdict:
Amalie Jahn delivers a stellar tale to teach us about life. Good luck putting it down before you reach the very last page, because it's the kind of story you can't tear your eyes from.
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