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Amazing Addition to the SKY IN THE DEEP Viking World
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When Tova is saved by the Svell's Tala, Jorrund, she becomes their key to peek at the future. Tora is a Truthtongue and has the marks on her body to prove it. As a Truthtongue, she spins the stones and reads the runes to see what fate has planned. With conflicting feelings among the leaders of the Svell, Tova feels more and more out of place. Should they start a war with the Nadhir or come together in peace?

Halvard, a warrior for the Nadhir, has known peace for the last ten years. His brother Fiske hopes the best for their future, but war is easy. The Aska and Riki clans have come together as one, but the Svell push against their borders, just as the Herjas did before them. When Halvard first meets Tova, it's in the worst way possible, but a connection burns to life between them. Fate has a strange way of weaving its threads and Tova has a huge decision to make when push comes to shove.

It was hard to write this review without giving any spoilers because it is so amazing. I was so happy to see that Adrienne Young was adding on to the SKY IN THE DEEP world and she didn't disappoint. I love the alternating point of views between Halvard and Tova and love how everything that's led up to the end comes together. Fiske, Iri, and Eelyn's appearances in it had me even more excited. This was a book that I couldn't put down and I'm so thankful to have received an ARC for it. Just like with SKY IN THE DEEP, THE GIRL THE SEA GAVE BACK is a story that stays with you even after you've finished.

Final Verdict: Fans of Sky in the Deep won't want to miss this spin-off. I would recommend it to fans of fantasy, fate's design, vikings, action, discovering who you are, and mythology.
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