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WE TOLD SIX LIES is an engaging YA thriller. Cobain is an 18-year-old loner- he doesn't have any friends, and he is OK with that. There were some events in his childhood that we slowly get information about that led him to be a body builder without any set program. His size tends to keep most people at bay. Molly is different- she wants to get closer to him. They have been dating for a while when Molly disappears.

Nothing seems to be adding up. The police keep questioning Cobain, but a letter is sent to her mother which implies that Molly left of her own free will. Cobain loves Molly and misses her constantly- he doesn't want the police to focus on him, because then they won't be finding Molly. He is unsure if she did run away- though the plan was to run together- or if something more sinister happened. Told in then and now perspectives, we slowly piece together the past and what is happening in the present. We later get more perspectives that paint a clearer picture- but we don't get the whole until the end.

In terms of thrillers, this was really engaging and kept me easily page-turning and nail-biting until the end. While I had predicted a few things, there were definitely twists and turns I did not see coming- and I love to be surprised like that. This book is a great twisty read that will suck you in from the get-go. I recommend for lovers of YA thrillers!
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