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THE LOST COAST is lyrical, ethereal, and deliciously haunting. Danny has moved to Northern California with her mother, to a small town called Tempest, where she felt pulled. She has been keeping parts of herself hidden due to cultural homophobia. In Tempest, she soon finds the Grays, a group of girls who are witches and queer in a way that is completely normal. They used a spell to bring Danny to them in order to find one of their own, Imogen, who is there physically while also gone. As Danny enters the fold, deaths and mystery surround them like the fog around the trees, and the path forward is anything but simple.

Each brief chapter follows different perspectives, including those of the ravens and the trees. Despite having so many points-of-view and jumping through time, the book is easy to follow and completely enthralling. To understand what happened to Imogen, we must understand the Grays and Danny, and this is complex and beautiful.

What I loved: The feel of the book is absolutely enchanting and as foggy as the redwood forests. The tone and windy paths were absolutely enthralling, and I loved the whole read. The book is so consuming, and it’s easy to get lost in time as you trace the many paths that flow through the story. The diversity here is incredible, and the whole cast is so perfectly written.

Final thoughts: This surreal and magical story is hauntingly delightful and completely absorbing. I highly recommend for fans of Stiefvater’s Raven Boys series. Although the beginning is slow, the book will soon wrap you up in the enchanting surreal story of the Grays. This book is mystery combined with magical realism and a lyrical narration that will absolutely captive YA readers.
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