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Young Adult Fiction 2419
The Disturbed Girl's Dictionary
(Updated: January 31, 2019)
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What worked: This is an amazing glimpse into the life of Macy. Others say she's 'disturbed', but she's the kind of friend you'd want in your corner. Macy shows her life in dictionary entries. At times they're hilarious and at other times bittersweet as she holds nothing back.

Macy deals with a lot in her life. Her father is in prison, her younger brother has been taken by child protection services, and her BFF Alma isn't talking. There's so much to love about this story. Macy is brutally honest on how she sees her world. Sure to resonate with readers. Totally love how protagonist Macy shows her life through her own 'dictionary'.

Macy's story is at times hilarious, but so heartfelt and raw with her honesty. Bittersweet. I got teary eyed on the scene where Macy sees her younger brother again, after her mother makes a decision on his fate. She tries to be strong, but it's hard. Another scene that was really hard had to be following Alma to the choice she makes in her life. This choice is so sad.

Raw, bittersweet story with an amazing heroine who everyone will want to be their friend. This story will stand with readers long after they finish. Trust me on that one. I really wanted to hug Macy.
Good Points
1. Raw, unflinching
2. Macy is hilarious with her honesty
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