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When Lacey scores a leading role in a zombie movie, she wants to give it her all. However, she struggles with the chemistry between her character and the leading male, the famous heartthrob Grant. Not to mention that her dad keeps breathing down her neck about finishing her schoolwork.

Lacey had gone through tutors because they get sick of her indifference. But when Donovan gets hired as the next one, she finds that he’s also helpful with getting into character. Lacey doesn’t date, but she can feel Donovan growing on her.

Her chemistry isn’t the only issue though. A lot of accidents have been happening on and off set and the fingers seem to point at her. Lacey is certain that someone is trying to sabotage her, but who?

FAME FATE AND THE FIRST KISS is a story about finding out who you are and where you want to be. It’s also about discovering first love. I loved the twist of someone trying to sabotage Lacey because it gave the story just that much more. The relationship between Donovan and Lacey was slow moving but perfect for their personalities.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of romance, movie sets, and a twist of mystery.
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