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Blue de la Cour enjoys her quiet life with her father, passing the days by working in the shop and secretly experimenting to turn metal into gold. When her father is murdered, her world is upended. Suddenly, a woman she barely knows is claiming custody of her, more and more city children are disappearing, and something evil is on the rise. Her only ally is the boy she can't stand: Prince Kellan, who comes with problems of his own, like finding a politically suitable wife and taking on his kingdom's issues. Together, they must unravel a dangerous and complicated knot of magic, vengeance, and pain.

THE BLOOD SPELL is Redwine's 4th installment in the Ravenspire companion series, this time retelling Cinderella. The story remains true to the original's themes of kindness and perseverance, but the darker currents are also intensified. My jaw continuously dropped at the unique twists and turns throughout Blue and Kellan's journey. While every villain in this series has been compelling, Dinah may be the most formidable and down-right scariest of the lot. Her motivations remain understandable just as her actions remain horrifying.

Blue and Kellan are dynamic and engaging characters in their own rights. They both feel immense grief over the death of a loved one and manage their emotions differently. Both also have strong hearts that break at the wrongdoings within the kingdom. Their forbidden romance has something for everyone: witty banter, some shameless flirting, and later, enough tears to warrant a whole tissue box.

With description that brings you right into the shop with Blue, emotion that reverberates in the chest, and a pace quicker than the stroke of midnight, THE BLOOD SPELL is pure magic.
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