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*I was lucky enough for NetGalley and Harlequin Teen to approve me for this ARC in exchange for an honest review*

Holy Jesus! I did not see that twist coming! I still can't even fully process what just happened and I'm so upset that I have so long to read the next one. You can't just leave a girl hanging like that!!!

Okay, let my try and reign myself in here. The Iron Flower, in my opinion, is even better than The Black Witch, it's still very very heavy handed in it's ideals and such but that's the whole point of this series and it's making it's point very well known. The characters are flushed out so well that I honestly feel like they could be real. Even the side characters are well developed.

The first one was more about Ren overcoming what her people had always told her, seeing the other people as just that, people. This one leans more towards the romance (swoon Yven) and her helping the resistance. This book made me cry, laugh, pump my fist into he air, scream, and even at the end, blew my mind.

The writing is fine, detailed wonderfully, the pace is also much better than the first, I don't feel there's any parts that drag. Overall, I can't wait to see what happens to Elloren next because she's got her plate full now.
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