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Ever the Hunted Review
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I adored this book so much! There were so many parts of this book that I just loved. A very well paced book with a rich story. Britta was stuck after her father was murdered, having no right to the land her prestige father owned. With no money and, essentially, squatting at her own home she was forced to poach which is illegal. Britta had learned a lot from her dad so instead of hanging she is offered the deal to bring in her father’s murderer. The murderer of her father being none other than her old friend, Cohen. Instead of dying, Britta accepts the proposition to help the royal guard and hunt for Cohen. That is all that can really be said without giving away most of the story. This book was so much more than just a fantasy book. Secrets, twists, and deceitfulness all play a part in this thrilling plot. Everything was tied together so well that I needed more once I was done. Along with a very well paced book, the details were amazing. I could easily imagine each scenery within the story.

As successful as the story was, the characters were even better. While I wasn’t really sure how I felt about Britta in the beginning, I ended up absolutely loving her character. She was a little rash early in the story making decisions that weren’t the best. However, she showed how smart and resourceful she really is. Along with trying to find out her father’s murderer there is so much more to her. A main character is only as good as her supporting characters, and each one was perfect. Cohen, Leif, Lord Jamis, Captain Omar, and so on - they all played their parts and developed so wonderfully. The characters were really meant for this story and each one had their reasoning for being included.

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Overall, Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill was a fantastic story. With so much more story than just trying to track Britta’s father’s murderer, we are sucked into the world of Malam. The great story has a lot to do with the amazing characters created. Britta really developed into a strong and fierce main character whom I enjoyed reading about. I highly recommend this book for those who love unexpected twists in fantasy
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