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I have mixed feelings about anthologies. Anthologies are a great way to be introduced to new authors. However, in every anthology there are always few stories that just aren't really my jam. I do love adoption stories so I thought I would give this one a shot.

I loved almost all the stories in 'Welcome Home'. A lot of the stories ended on a cliff hanger. I'm not sure if this is an intentional theme or if the authors meant to leave us waiting for follow-up stories. Either way this left me wanting more from most of the authors.

This is a great anthology for anyone who has been touched by adoption.
1.Carlos and the Fifteen-Year-Old Heart-Definitely unique but a little too silly for me (2 1/2 Stars)
2.Strong Enough-Super Hero story (3 Stars)
3.The Sign-Cute LGBT (4 Stars)
4.Up by a Million-One of my favorites about a mother in prison (5 Stars)
5.Mama's Eyes-Seemed like a TV movie script and a little over the top (2 Stars)
6.A Kingdom Bright and Burning-Really nice story fantasy/reality story (4 1/2 Stars)
7.The Inexplicable Weight of Mountains-Simple story about finding birth parents (3 Stars)
8.Webbed-Magical and Sweet (4 1/2 Stars)
9.Life:Starring Tallulah Grey-Ok story about a movie star teenager (2 1/2 Stars)
10.Salvation-A look at the underbelly of adoption (3 1/2 Stars)
11.Twenty-Seven Days-A Look at Friendship and Adoption (4 Stars)
12.Ink Drips Black-A fable type story (2 1/2 Stars)
13.Upon the Horizon's Verge-Wonderful Story-Magical and lovely and one of my favorites-I plan to read more from this author (5 Stars)
14.Lullaby-My least favorite story-a sci-fi that only touches on adoption (1 1/2 Stars)
15.Census Man-Love this one-historical fiction-also one of my favorites (5 Stars)
16.Invited-Also,loved this one-a look at different POV of adoption (5 Stars)
17.Empty Lens-Nice story about an girl with an blog but not very memorable (3 Stars)
18.A Lesson in Biology-Ok predictable story about making a family tree (3 Stars)
19.Tunneling Through-A LGBT point of view (3 1/2 Stars)
20.These Broken Stars-Usually not a big fantasy person but this one is simple and lovely and I loved it (5 Stars)
21.The Snow Covered Sidewalk-Cute story about relating to other people (4 Stars)
22.Deeply-Fantascy and not really my thing but I loved the ducky (2 1/2 Stars)
23.Meant to be Broken-Great story. Looks at how adoption affects a range of people. (4 1/2 Stars)
24.Moving the Body-Totally different and unexpected and disturbing (4 Stars)
25.In Pieces-Also a sci-fi and very Star Trekish (2 1/2 Stars)
26.Peace of Paper-A look at adult adoption (4 1/2 Stars)
27.Happy Beginnings-A look at a teenage adoptee issues effecting others (2 1/2 Stars)
28.The Take Back-A look at the emotions surrounding adoptions (4 1/2 Stars)
29.Jar of Broken Wings-Cute story about the magic of childhood (3 Stars)
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Great variety of Stories
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