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YA Science Fiction/Fantasy with Electrical Abilities
(Updated: November 29, 2018)
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When Lucy discovers a hidden door in the Tesla Suite, she's surprised to discover an egg. Curiosity gets the better of her as she approaches it. What she doesn't expect is for the egg to unlock something within her. She starts having "electricity related phenomena" including tingles whenever her boyfriend Cole kisses her. Lucy is prone to having seizures, but the events that keep causing her to lose consciousness since the Tesla suite have been completely different.

When teaching assistant Ravi enters her school, Lucy finds herself intrigued, especially since the two of them have a lot in common. However, Lucy senses the he's hiding something and she discovers that he knows what she is. He also knows that she's in danger and he must train her. The danger of the alchemists is real and Lucy finds herself in the middle of a long standing war.

I like the mysterious air that seems to surround Ravi no matter the conversation. I also like how strong minded Lucy is. THE TESLA LEGACY is a fast paced story that held my attention the whole way through. The emotional tension between Ravi and Lucy made things even more interesting.

Final Verdict: THE TESLA LEGACY is an intriguing and unique book that's perfect for fans of science fiction and fantasy. Another great book from K.K. Perez.
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