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great new YA sci-fi!
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"These Broken Stars" is an interesting YA sci-fi that follows two young people after a space shuttle crash. Lilac LeRoux is practically royalty. Her father owns a high-profile corporation and her life has been sheltered- she is covered in pretty dresses and has lots of nice things, but she knows that her future will be political. Her marriage will only be used to advance her father's company. Tarver is from a poor family and a military veteran. When the space shuttle crashes on a seemingly abandoned planet, they must fight to survive. As they traverse the planet in hopes of rescue, they discover there are more sinister secrets hiding there.

The story is told from Lilac and Tarver's point-of-views, along with some conversations between Tarver and someone questioning him about the time after the crash. As they fight for survival and answers, they grow closer to each other and a romance blooms. Partly sci-fi, partly romance, and partly thriller, this book captured my attention from the get-go, and I really loved following Tarver and Lilac's journey.

This book will definitely be a hit amongst YA romance fans, and I found it really entertaining and page-turning. I listened to the audiobook, and I highly recommend it- the voices are well done and the telling is fantastic!
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