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Wonderful book about young love, freedom, and horses
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‘Thief of Happy Endings’ is a young adult contemporary with a huge twist. The story centers around, Cassidy. Cassidy is sent to a youth mustang training camp in Wyoming . Cassidy is there because she is having a difficult time with her parents’ recent separation. The catch is that she hasn’t ridden a horse since she was bucked off as a child. Things get more complicated when she meets junior wrangler, Justin.
I loved ‘Thief of Happy Endings’. Not only is it a huge departure from most young adult romances, but it also takes on the plight of the mustang in the west. The story also demonstrates how the Bureau of Land Management really has a hard time figuring out what to do with the mustangs.
Loss of freedom is a main theme in ToHE. While the loss freedom of the mustangs is the main loss , this loss is also felt with the teenagers. The teenagers have lost many of their own freedoms and independence being sent to this camp.
Cassidy and Jason were some of my favorite characters of all time. Jason really personified a young troubled cowboy. Cassidy is your typical good girl with troubles at home. Their slow burn romance really seemed genuine and sweet. I also liked the character of Alice. She is the perfect friend that Cassidy needs at the time. The character of Banner is the perfect mean girl to Cassidy’s good girl character. Even though the rest of the secondary characters were a little weak for me, I did like Kaya and Coulter.
The thing that really made this novel stand out for me is the setting. You don’t see too many books, especially young adult, that take place in Wyoming. The descriptions of the setting is just amazing and worth a read for that alone.
‘The Thief of Happy Endings’ is one of my favorite YA’s for the year. I really have heard nothing about it in other review sites or on YouTube. That is so unfortunate as I found it utterly amazing and well worth a read.
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Totally original. True to life.
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