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Writing reviews for Kara Thomas’s books proved to be a great challenge for me, so I’ll try my very best to produce coherent thoughts along the way.

The story opened up with a great line. “This house was made for someone without a soul.” First line, and I was already captivated. I was really excited to read this book, because Kara Thomas never disappoints. Reading this book got me really excited as I delved into it further.

Monica’s sister, Jen, died along with a string of deaths involving people from the cheerleader team. Five years later, the school wanted to hold a memorial for the cheerleaders but for Monica, she just wanted to forget. I really enjoyed Monica’s character and personality. She definitely stood out among all Thomas’s heroines because of her driven personality. Her thoughts are raw, blunt, and honest, which sometimes lead into confrontations that make my heart burst.

I also love how this book had healthy representation of family dynamics. I mean, Monica and her family doesn’t always see toe to toe, but in general her parents have always been supportive of her, even in times of grief. This book also was one of the few books which has shown a good relationship between the heroine and her step-father. Honestly, I’d live to read more of this kinds of relationships and eventually bury the stereotype of abusive step-parents.

Monica’s friends and their relationship proved to be realistic. They had their ups and downs, especially when Monica started hanging out with Ginny, who was basically an outcast from their circle of friends. However Monica’s intention was clean and she really just wanted to keep her friends away from shady trouble as she tries to find out what really happened to her sister and the cheerleaders.

The ending was solid and it packed a punch. I was obviously dumbstruck, but as always Thomas knows how to deliver a good ending. Of course, I can’t say anything but I’ll let you know that I had to pick my jaw up from the floor.

Kara Thomas has an exceptional caliber that I’m always looking forward to when it comes to thrillers. She knows how to direct readers and maintain the suspense that will definitely send chills into everyone’s spine.

If you’re a big fan of thriller/mysteries and whodunnits in general, you should definitely check out this book!
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