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"Weregirl" takes the reader through a fantastic supernatural mystery within the small town of Tether. Tether's water supply had been contaminated by a chemical company, resulting in an abnormal amount of cancers and other illnesses. The company went bankrupt and another company stepped in to "study" the children who might be affected. Somehow, no one questions what they are studying or doing to the kids or why the parents can't be in the exam room. No one except Billy's mother and even then, only after he's getting sicker and sicker.

Nessa is a teenager who lives for cross country races. She is trying to improve her running when she gets bitten by a wolf and slowly transforms into a werewolf. She learns that she was chosen to solve the mystery around the studies being done on the children and Billy. It's a fantastic mystery that easily carries the plotline and makes werewolves seem like the lesser story. I was reading to the end just to learn more about that!

The werewolf plotline seems pretty typical and it has the usual transformation type events (healing and speed/increased athleticism). It worked along with the main mystery, and I am curious to see if there will be sequels/how the plot will evolve. Nessa's teenage life, including romance, takes a backseat. This (romance) is somewhat predictable (I mean, a guy named Luc with all this mystery? It seemed a little obvious to me), but I liked it anyway!

All-in-all it's a captivating mystery with a supernatural flare, and I really enjoyed reading it. Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher through netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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