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"The Glass Spare" follows Wil, the youngest child of a warmonger king. One day, her life changes- in a dispute, her pulse races and her touch turns a human into a gemstone. With a twist on the King Midas touch (with any precious gem), Wil is at first intrigued and then later horrified. Seeking a way to get rid of this cursed ability, she ventures into the world. She soon meets up with a handsome boy, Loom, the prince of a rival kingdom. Loom is the love interest that doesn't quite fully develop until the end of the book.

Overall, I liked the premise, but I did get lost in places where it felt like filler/the story did not advance so much. I would have liked a faster pace, I think, to build the world more and push the characters into more activity. However, I really did like the premise and am looking forward to reading the next in the series, so I am bumping up my rating.
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