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"Seize Today" was a great finale to a fantastic YA sci-fi/romance series. This third book wraps up all the plot lines we've been exposed to in the first two books as well as provides a new romantic couple for us to enjoy (but this is a much smaller part of this book). Here, we follow Olivia Dresden, the chairwoman's daughter, as she seeks to save the world she knows and loves as well as to find her own way. Being a precognitive and the daughter of a woman who has little to no interest in her, Olivia's life has been very isolating. Olivia clings to Jessa, now the chairwoman's assistant, whom she has seen in many of the possible futures as someone with whom she will work to save their world.

There is a new virus affecting people of all different walks of life with terrible symptoms- as they appear to be disappearing/degrading. Luckily (or maybe unluckily), the company that controls the government has developed a treatment for it, but the costs will be large. Olivia and team have a limited clock to figure out what it is and how to prevent the futures she saw as a young child. At the same time, Olivia finds herself connected through future memory to Ryder, who has some deep-seated trust issues. Despite her own issues, she connects with him in a way that she never has before, and together, they seek to help his family- and the rest of the world- as best they can.

The sci-fi dimensions of this series are really taken to another level in this third book- we've had future memory that ruled the dystopian society and time travel in the last two, and now we learn more about precognition (being able to see into the future) and potential realities. Jessa's precognition only goes a few seconds into the future, so she only sees futures that are set. Olivia sees all possible pathways that could occur, and this leads to the discussion of alternate timelines for paths that were not taken. Although she can try to predict which one will actually happen, she is often surprised by the results. Olivia is a fascinating character to follow and the perfect perspective for this thrilling conclusion to a brilliant series. Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and particularly how all the pieces of the puzzle we've been gathering since the first book came together so smoothly in this conclusion. For YA sci-fi/dystopian lovers, this series is a must read!

Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
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