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great start
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"Defiance" follows Rachel and Logan, who live in a city-state where the Commander rules with a brutal totality. Women are second-class citizens and treated like property. Rachel is under her father's protection until he disappears and the Commander puts her under Logan's protection. Rachel and Logan have a past, where she had confessed feelings for him and he had turned her down. Now, their feelings still rage under the surface. Considering all the other things happening and Rachel's desire to find her father, the romance takes a backseat to the action (but is a nice undercurrent to the story).

Overall, I really enjoyed this story with a brave and confidant heroine plus a great love interest that I can believe in, adventures, and a dragon! The characters are all really enjoyable, and I like the side characters also who are well developed. I am really looking forward to continuing with the series.
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