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pretty good middle book
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"Deception" continues Rachel and Logan's story as the survivors of Baalboden head into Wasteland to make a new life for themselves. Logan is coming into his own as a leader, while Rachel is wallowing in grief and regret. In terms of overall plot, we know that there is a traitor in the camp but not who it is, and they are fighting Carrington's army who is after something to control the Cursed One.

Logan really shines in this book, and I had much higher hopes for Rachel. I understand that she's got a lot going on, but I was hoping she would be the leader everyone needs. During parts, the story seemed pretty tedious as we keep fighting and repeating the same things. That being said, I still enjoyed it overall and am very curious to continue with the third book in the series. Logan is still one of my favorite love interests, and I am hoping Rachel will really grow in the third book.

Overall, this felt like an inbetween book, and I am curious to see how the story and characters will develop in the final book. Please note that I received a copy through a giveaway. All opinions are my own.
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