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"The Shadow Queen" is a fantastic retelling of Snow White. Lorelai is a young princess when her mother does and her father remarries her aunt, Irina, a powerful mardushka (witch). Irina puts the kingdom under a spell using magical apples and soon everyone will listen only to her. Lorelai is a mardushka herself and breaks Irina's hold over the kingdom. Irina retaliates by killing her father and Lorelai flees with her brother Leo and a guard, Gabril. The kingdom ends up in poverty with enough food. They are on the run but try to help the people by stealing from Irina. Lorelai is also training to defeat Irina.

Kol is a prince of Eldr, where everyone has two hearts-human and dragon- and can shift into a fire breathing dragon at any time. His kingdom is under attack by magical ogres. His parents and older brother are killed by ogres and he must take their place as king. He goes to Irina for help to defeat the ogres as they kill more and more people.

Kol and Lorelai's lives are quickly entwined. This book is well written and captivating. I loved the ideas and her growth plus their relationship. Lorelai is a worthy queen. I won't say too much so as to avoid spoilers, but it's an incredible journey all the way to the last. I am very much hoping for sequels and soon as there is so much that can be done with the fascinating world in this book!
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