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(Updated: September 06, 2018)
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After the alien invasion, things have calmed down. Well, somewhat. Evie doesn't know her world will be turned upside down after she goes with her friend to bar known to host Luxen. Secrets are everywhere. Secrets that involve her too. And there's a new alien in town. Only he's not Luxen, but something else. Can Evie trust him enough to learn the truth about not only herself, but her family as well?

What worked: I'm a huge fan of Armentrout's Lux series. I even named my bird after Daemon, the hot Lux alien! So when I found out she wrote another book in that world, I had to read it!

Let's just say I wasn't disappointed!

There's much to love about this new book in the Lux world. Evie is someone who is loyal to her friends and her mother. That doesn't mean she doesn't question about her dead father and parts of her memory of the time before the invasion. When she meets Luc, it's not love at first sight. He's abrupt and almost rude to her in the bar. Later though sparks do fly.

I have to admit, I love Daemon in the Lux series. Luc at first comes across as cocky and full of himself. What I love is how Armentrout shows little vulnerabilities Luc has like how he tries to help Luxen that are on the run from a government that has prejudices against them. He also looks out for Evie even when she does her best to push him away. Luc worms into readers hearts though. By the end of the book I wanted more between them!

Captivating new book in the Lux world with a new hot hero to root for. I hope this isn't the end of Luc and Evie! Fans of the Lux series will totally love this story too!
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1. Exciting new book in the Lux world
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