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I am NOT a Horror fan. I am a big scaredy cat when it comes to the genre, be it books or movies, but let me tell you -- I'm so glad I gave Scream All Night a chance! This book is hilariously creepy.  Set in a Castle where Horror movies are produced in a cult-like fashion, Scream All Night is the perfect read the brings out the laughs and chills!

I just love it when books make me laugh. It has been ages since the last time I had to put a book down for fear of looking a little bit crazy in a public space grinning like a fool. It's just that every page I read of Scream All Night surprised me in the most awesome way. The main character, Dario, is one of two sons of the Director that owns Moldavia Studios, which is the castle were the horror movies are produced and where all the cast and crew also call home. However, Dario left the castle at a young age and got emancipated, now living at a group home. Dario's childhood at Moldavia Studios was BRUTAL. His father lived for his films and thus forced Dario to act in one, pushing and breaking him emotionally just to get the perfect shot.

I felt really bad for Dario. After being apart for so long from his unusual family and extended family (all of Moldavia Studios residents) and working hard to forget the conflicting feelings they brought him, he is kind of dragged back to the castle  after receiving the call that his father was having his live funeral (yes, he is about to be BURIED ALIVE) and then having to stay due to his father's will stating that he has 6 months to save Moldavia Studios or it would be sold to another company. Even after death (which doesn't go exactly as planned, let me tell you), he still cannot escape from the manipulating hands of his Father. He faces the responsibility of saving the livelihood of all the people he grew up with, while also enduring his eccentric brother who also lives and breathes B-grade Horror films.

However, Dario is quite a guy who deep down, really LOVES Moldavia Studios and all its residents. Honestly, I fell in love with the place too. The characters living in this castle are STRANGE and AMAZING, so incredibly unique and a little bit unhinged, but actual great (human?) beings. Each personality leaves and breathes Horror and they simply adore bringing horror movies to life, so much that they turn into horror creatures as well. Coming across them throughout the novel was both hilarious and absolutely horrifying -- I LOVED IT.

Mental note: Never sleep at Moldavia Studios.

Final Verdict:

With that said, Scream All Night really is a fun, creepy book that has pretty much everything we need from a Horror novel fit for everyone -- lots of humor, great characters who you can't help but fear a little bit, and emotional depth that will tug your heartstrings. This faint of heart reader survived it and I definitely recommend!!!
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Great read for everyone, even if you generally shy away from horror!
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