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Worthy Take on Beauty and the Beast
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The story:

Christine is a beautiful young woman who dreams of being a photographer despite her mother’s insistence she become a model. When her photos mysteriously disappear from her laptop, she enlists the aid of Erik, a scarred youth who hides in his house and uses his hacking skills to spy on his peers. As the two, with such conflicting personalities of optimism and pessimism, form a friendship, will one side win out before both their lives are destroyed?

What I loved:

This is the second book of Ms. Sloan’s that I have read, and I absolutely love her writing style. It flows beautifully, and her take on the classic Beauty and the Beast story is quite unique and intriguing.

What I didn’t love:

I didn’t connect to Erik as much as I hoped. His self-appointed mission—to use his hacking skills to spy on the lives of others, ostensibly to expose the ‘masks’ they hide behind—just didn’t click with me. Christine was a great character though often a little too good to be true, and with the exception of Aidan, very few of the supporting characters were fully fleshed out. Additionally, I found enough typos to have warranted another round of editing.

My Final Verdict:

For All to See is a good YA romance that teaches a good lesson about being who you are. Her writing style breathes life into a story that’s been adapted in so many ways, and it’s hard not to enjoy it.
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