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Young Adult Fiction 1078
Like Never And Always
(Updated: June 28, 2018)
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One fateful night best friends Liv and Morgan go out driving with their boyfriends and then tragedy strikes. Liv wakes up in her friend's body and finds out she 'died'. Not only that, but she finds her friend left behind lots of secrets including a betrayal. Liv finds that Morgan's thoughts still come to her and are almost pleading with her to uncover a truth that might be more painful than living as her friend.

What worked: Wow, this is one intense, edge of the seat thriller. Just when I 'thought' I knew what would happen next, a major twist pops up. Love when that happens! The plot, where friends 'switch' bodies after death isn't really that unique, but the way Aguirre throws in twists and turns is very engaging.

Liv finds that her earlier thoughts of her best friend are shattered once she's in her body. The 'rich' girl who seemed to have it all, really was lonely and hiding a dark secret. Not only that but there's not only her boyfriend Nathan, but his brother Clay that Liv finds herself drawn to. There's secrets, lies, betrayals, and a hint at a very dark secret that might have involved someone close to Liv.

Thrilling page turning suspense tale where a girl ends up in the body of her best friend and finds that surviving isn't the hardest thing. Unique twist with a story line that is guaranteed to keep readers flipping the pages until the end.
Good Points
1. Intense, nail biting suspense
2. Unique twist
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