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Where the Sea Takes Me
(Updated: June 20, 2018)
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Sienna just finished her freshman year in college. It’s been two years since she parted from Deni back in Indonesia. She tries to move on with her life and her childhood friend Spider wants much more than a friendship. All this changes when Deni comes back into her life and they go on to Cambodia on a relief mission to help young girls affected by trafficking. Will Sienna and Deni get a second chance along the way?

What worked: I loved the chemistry between Sienna and Deni and was so happy that Kling wrote another book on these two. This is a very satisfying conclusion to an amazing romance. Sparks literally jump off the page whenever these two are together. Sierra can’t deny the feeling she has whenever Deni is around. The two are like human magnets that can’t be separated. The intensity of their love continues to pull them to each other. The writing here isn’t over the top sappy, but rather intense and passionate. I love these two characters!

The backdrop is set in Cambodia. These scenes are very raw and gripping. Sienna helps young survivors of trafficking by teaching them to swim. Readers get a painful glimpse into the seedy side of Cambodia with those who victimize young girls. These scenes are well researched on some signs to look for on those being exploited. Not all is dark though.There are numerous places that are shown in the Cambodian countryside that paint a picture of hope. At the back of the book there are links to various organizations that help trafficking victims and those suffering from mental illness.

Captivating love story of two polar opposites who come together amidst the beauty and danger of Cambodia.
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1. Amazing chemistry!
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