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Heretics Anonymous
(Updated: June 20, 2018)
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What worked: This is a humorous at times contemporary novel of an Atheist teen who ends up in a Catholic school and a group of 'misfits' who try to take on the school's unfair practices.

Michael is an atheist who finds himself in a religious school setting. I really loved how the author shows us a teen who tries to find his place in a Catholic school even though he doesn't believe in God. Michael ends up being attracted to Lucy, who though devout in her faith, challenges a teacher in class. Later Lucy introduces him to others, who aren't the stereotypical private Catholic school teens.

The whole novel has a Breakfast Club vibe going for it. This group of so-called misfits meets in the basement of the school and calls themselves Heretics Anonymous. Some of their antics are pretty funny, like when they switch out the sex education tape and insert 'true' facts.

Then when they decide to take more action to show the hypocrisy in the school administration after a teacher is fired, things get out of control.

Another huge plus has to be how the Catholic school teachers aren't painted in just extreme strokes, but rather are given their own vulnerabilities with what goes on in the school.

Engaging coming of age story where five teens set out to openly question the administration of their school. There's humor, friendship, romance, but mostly faith. Not just faith in God, but finding the peace and love within and with others. Totally recommend!
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1. Think Breakfast Club meets Saved
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