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"Don't Look Back" is a one-off thriller from Jennifer L. Armentrout. It begins with Samantha appearing bloody and beat up with no memory of recent events and with her best friend missing. She soon learns that she doesn't like the person she was before she went missing, and gathers that her personality and actions changed years ago when she met her missing best friend. Her boyfriend has been treating her terribly and yet she has maintained a relationship with him (though this goes out the window with her new, improved memory-loss personality).

This is a good mystery with lots of twists and turns. It keeps your attention throughout the book and has a lovely romance packaged between the drama/events. It's interesting in theory with the trauma-induced amnesia, but I found that like Samantha, I did not like the person she had been before her memory loss. However, the book ends on a positive note with some resolutions to the major conflicts and mysteries.

The book is well-written and moves fast, it's a great read for those who like a mild thriller/mystery!
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